Pölkky Group merged into Pölkky Oy

Pölkky Group merged into Pölkky Oy

Together as one! Through a merger, which came into effect on the 1st of September 2021, Pölkky Group subsidiaries entered into a holy union whereby they continue their journey as one: Pölkky Oy.

Pölkky – The new era

The idea for ​​the merger arose from the need to develop the company’s administration and management, as well as to create a unified corporate culture and operating models. The preparatory work for the merger took a good while until autumn 2021, when it was ready for execution. 

With the merger, the companies that made up Pölkky Group: Ulea Oy, Kitkawood Oy, Kajaaniwood Oy and Pölkky Metsä Kmo Oy, merged into one company known as Pölkky Oy. The concrete objectives of the merger included the clarification of the corporate structure, increasing administrative efficiency and leadership development. In addition, the merger aimed to improve the company’s marketing and communications, create a more unified corporate culture, and increase employee wellbeing.

The merger renewed and streamlined operations

We want to assure our current and future partners that the merger did not change Pölkky’s existing business operations. However, internally the effects of the merger were significant. The new Pölkky has a unified operating model and practices, clearer instructions and communication, and a simpler management system, corporate structure, and job titles. When all the areas mentioned above are clearer, cooperation with employees became more efficient. 

The internal changes affected indirectly to external operations. As the operations of five different companies merged into one, there was be only one contract, one report and one invoice. This simplified greatly the cooperation between us and our partners.


One, undivided Pölkky


Pölkky completed several measures in 2021 to facilitate the merger. Perhaps the most visible one was the brand renewal, launched at the beginning of the year. The renewed brand emphasizes our role as the refiner of construction solutions that enhance quality of life. It also voices our will to form close partnership with forest owner and customers. 


Our new slogan, Roots for Quality Living, encapsulates the way in which we have throughout generations contributed to improved quality of living – driven by Northern strength, sustainability, and quality.


The most significant renewal measures were internal ones, as the company’s management developed new, unified operating practices together with the employees. 


Now, after the merger, the future prospects are looking bright. Pölkky is, after all, a rapidly developing company with potential for profitable growth.

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