Non-settling Xlog opens up new possibilities for log houses

POLKKY Xlog makes modern houses

Mikko Luikku (CSO of Polkky), Simo Orjasniemi (Production manager of Kuusamo Hirsitalo) and Arto Orjasniemi (CEO of Kuusamo Hirsitalo) tell that Xlog is especially suited for urban building.

With Xlog, even the biggest buildings can be executed almost any way the customer wants. Xlog suits Northern wood the best and is developed to fit our production line. The new product was developed over two years and has been complemented by our clients. Xlogs also have very competitive pricing.

The innovation behind this new product is in vertical laminated logs. This makes the log non-setteling. It is characteristic for traditional logs to set in time when it dries and this has to be noted when building a log house. For smaller houses and cottages this might not be an issue, but for bigger buildings Xlog is a perfect solutions because the building needs no adjustments.

Modern solutions with Xlog

Xlog makes it easier to combine different materials such as glass, stone or steel, to the building’s façade. Using the unsettling logs permits the use of wide-range of architectural solutions which makes designing your dreamhouse easier and faster.

The non-settling logs are somewhat pricier than normal logs, but because of the durability and constancy of the product, no further investments are needed. Xlog is also faster to assemble which also reduces the costs.

Wooden architecture is booming in cities

Non-settling logs are the best solution for log building in cities. Wooden architecture is gaining popularity worldwide and non-settling logs can easily be used in building hospitals or schools. The competition is high in urban planning Polkky noticed that there is a need for classy, ecological and long lasting building material. This is why Polkky wanted to develop its own non-settling log.

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