In search of more robust fir and pine timber

Success in timber trade is based on trust

In search of more robust fir and pine timber, Pölkky Metsä expanded their wood procurement area to cover the Ylä-Savo region in Central Finland. According to the regional Harvesting Foreman Jaakko Heikkinen, the company has been well received, although competition in timber trade is quite intense in the area.

– Forest owners are happy to see more buyers move to the area, as it will have an effect on the rates.

Marking the stands to be harvested is a collaborative effort between the buyer and seller. The end result has to be acceptable for both parties. After the first contact has been made, the prospective buyer and seller set out together to check the land and go over the best possible harvesting options.

Trading is also often done by proxy or through online wood procurement services.

According to Jaakko Heikkinen, every timber deal is the result of thorough negotiations between the contracting parties. Special harvesting or seed tree cutting is not suitable at every parcel of forest. There may be several options to choose from.

When the stand plans have been completed, the work of Pölkky contractors will start. The usual deal is a standing sale, which means that the stumpage rate will be paid directly to the forest owner.

After harvesting, it is important to take care of the planning and implementation of forest renewal. This is not the buyer’s responsibility, but Mr Heikkinen is happy to help the owners in these matters as well.

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