New investment to Kajaani production facility

New investment to Kajaani production facility

Pölkky Oy’s new, profitable growth strategy, including corporate restructuring, development of the management system and internal processes as well as the investment and development program, will create growth and increase operational efficiency and business profitability.

In near future, Pölkky Oy will grow by developing further processing businesses and renewing sawing technology. The first development project of the investment program, Taivalkoski’s ultra-modern planing mill, is completed and the production has recently started. The planing mill will increase the company’s turnover approximately by EUR 30 million.

Implementation in cooperation with Jartek Invest Oy and Jartek AI Oy

When development of the further processing businesses has gotten off to a good start, it’s time to begin renewing sawing technology. The renewal begins by investing a modern green sorting machinery to Kajaani production facility. The investment includes both green sorting and sticker stacker machinery with peripherals. Investment delivery is done by Jartek Invest Oy, and it is a follow-up to a well-established collaboration between two companies. Automation installation of the sorting system is executed by Jartek AI Oy. Choosing a right partner to the automation project proved to be very easy, because Jartek AI Oy has recently delivered automation solutions also to Pölkky Oy planing mill and kilning in Taivalkoski production facility.

“Kajaani production facility has a demanding concept because the new line will be installed in the existing building with the shortest possible production shutdown. We think that the local partners will serve our needs for the best in this case”, says Petteri Virranniemi, the CEO of Pölkky Oy.

Preparation work for the Kajaani production facility development project is already in full action and the investment installations will begin in autumn 2022. Production trial run will start immediately at the end of 2022.

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