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Quality wood since 1968.
Polkky Oy is the largest private wood processing company in Northern Finland.

Strong wood

Toughened by the winter snows and frosts, northern wood is known for its high quality. Its beauty and durability are valued all around the world. Thanks to excellent workability and strength characteristics genuine northern wood has a wide range of applications ranging from demanding construction work to stylish interior design.

Timber is a natural choice

Wood is the only building material that meets the criteria of sustainable development. We value Finnish forests as one of our most important national renewable resources, and we strive to develop our operations in such a way that they have minimum impact on the environment.

Key figures
Key figures

The largest private wood processing company in Northern Finland.


Competitiveness through


Environmental responsibility and
sustainable development.

About us

Quality wood since 1968

Pölkky Oy is the largest private wood processing company in Northern Finland. The sawmills and further processing facilities run by Pölkky Oy are located in the heart of Finland’s best raw timber region, in Kuusamo, Taivalkoski and Kajaani. Pine represents 75% and spruce 25% of our production. Pölkky also has a pressure treatment facility in Oulu.

The work is carried out using modern production technology and with a respect for tradition. Our modern, efficient facilities uphold the high quality standard of our wood products, today and in the future. Our company has over forty years of experience in wood processing. Our objective is to provide our customers with exactly the products they are looking for.

Decades of experience

Working to the customer’s advantage

Pölkky Oy was founded in 1968 by a farmer named Erkki Virranniemi, the grand father of the current owners, Jaakko, Petteri and Tuomas Virranniemi. During last fifty years of operations, Pölkky Oy has developed into a successful, family-owned, wood processing company.

Erkki Virranniemi began sawmill operations using a portable circular saw.
Virranniemen Saha Oy was founded in Northern Kuusamo.
The sawmill was moved to its current location and the company's name was changed to Pölkky Oy.
Planing operations were initiated.
Following Erkki Virranniemi's death, his widow, Saara Virranniemi, assumed the role of Managing Director.
Fire completely destroyed the sawmill operations in April 20th 1976
Main building of the mill on fire in August 15th 1985. The building was burnt to the ground in an hour.
After the fire, the renovation of the sawmill started immediately. The new sawmill was opened in 1986.
Saara Virranniemi handed over the role of Managing Director to her son, Jouko Virranniemi.
Start-up of pressure Impregnation and finger-jointing activities in Oulu.
Pölkky Oy purchased the Taivalkoski sawmill operations (Ulea Oy) from Enso Oy.
The new hewsaw line started up in Taivalkoski. Pölkky Oy was presented with national business award in recognition of the company's achievements.
Polkky was the first Finnish sawmill that was granted an international PEFC-certificate.
Biofuel heating plant completed at Kuusamo, reform of dimension sorting facility at Taivalkoski sawmill and other major investments.
Pölkky purchased the operations of Lappipaneli Oy from the Ruukki Group. Drying kiln investments in Kuusamo. Trainer of the Year Award.
Power plant investment of Taivalkosken Voima Oy.
Pölkky Oy purchased the saw mill operations in Kajaani (Kajaaniwood Oy) from UPM.
New glulam beam plant launched in Kuusamo.
Polkky invested in Xray scanners for logs in all four sawmills.
Three generations of family working together.
New CEO brings new winds.
Polkky signs letter of intent for new Trimble ConnectedForest wood procurement system.
We endeavour to take the environment into consideration in all activities that have an environmental impact.
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