The largest private wood processing company in Northern Finland

Key Figures

The company’s annual turnover is about 160 million euros (2020). The company manufactures an annual total of 700,000 m³ sawn timber products, of which about 30 per cent is further processed. In addition to its headquarters in Kuusamo, Pölkky Oy has production facilities in Taivalkoski, Oulu, Kajaani and also in North of Kuusamo Kitkawood Oy. Pölkky group employs about 420 professionals in the field.

Production capacity

  • Sawn timber: 700,000 m³
  • Planed timber: 150,000 m³
  • Impregnated products: 60,000 m³
  • Glued products: 40,000 m³
  • Painted products: 30,000 m³

Board of Directors

  • Sampsa Auvinen, Chair of the Board
  • Jorma Turunen
  • Jaakko Virranniemi
  • Tuomas Virranniemi
  • Pekka Virranniemi
  • Jouko Virranniemi
  • Laura Virranniemi
  • Peter Nygård

Executive Management Group

  • Petteri Virranniemi, Chief Executive Officer, Pölkky Oy, Ulea Oy & Kajaaniwood Oy
  • Jani Jaakkola, Chief Forestry Officer
  • Ville Liimola, Chief Sales Officer
  • Tero Möttönen, Chief Production Officer
  • Maria Virranniemi, Director, HR & Administration
  • Tuomas Anttila, Chief Financial Officer
  • Pekka Tuovinen, Chief Technology Officer

Kuusamo Log Houses

Kuusamo Log Houses is an associated company of Pölkky Oy, to which Pölkky processes and supplies the wood raw materials it needs. You can see the full log house collection here: