Producing wellbeing from sustainable northern wood

Our values

At Pölkky, we produce wellbeing from sustainable northern wood. We want to be profitable, customer-focused and development-oriented – the number one producer of high-quality timber solutions in the north. Our focus is on providing and developing high-quality products and services to our customers.

Pölkky’s values

Pölkky’s mission, vision and strategy are founded on the company values. Our values guide our operations. They reflect who we are, how we work and how we partner.


We have a strong entrepreneurial culture, and we encourage internal entrepreneurship among our personnel. We actively develop our business operations, brainstorm and boldly create new concepts. Pölkky is owned by a family of entrepreneurs.


Partnership is one of our most important strategic values. We develop new partnership models and practices, and actively look for new forms of cooperation. We share our goals with our partners. Our partnerships are built on trust. In partnerships, we share benefits and risks, create new concepts and develop better processes, producing innovations!


Responsibility is a core value in all of our operations. We are financially, ecologically, socially and culturally sustainable. We want to secure the continuity of our operations also to future generations by making sure our business is both profitable and sustainable.

Our values guide our operations

We support this strategy by investing to further developing our customer-focus, the expertise of our personnel and our advanced production technology. We do profitable business while taking into account the quality and environmental principles as well as the needs of our stakeholders and personnel. Our message is crystallized by our brand Pölkky – Roots for Quality Living.

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