Competitiveness through efficiency


We help our customers to succeed

Our production combines top-grade raw material, skilled personnel, sustainability and advanced production technology. This provides us with a firm foundation for helping our customers to succeed.

The sawmills run by Pölkky Oy are located in Kuusamo, Taivalkoski and Kajaani within Finland’s prime timber region. The company also has a pressure impregnation facility in Oulu. Approximately the sum of 50 million euros was invested in state-of-the-art production lines during the 2000s. Our competent staff is also one of our most valuable resources. The combination of our professional expertise and modern, efficient facilities guarantees the high quality of our wood products, now and in the future.

Our skilled personnel and modern, efficient production facilities ensure consistent and high production quality. We employ more than 420 forestry professionals. Including subcontractors, we have more than 600 skilled professionals working for us every day.

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