Quality products on environmental terms

Quality and environmental principles

Pölkky’s quality and environmental principles create the basis for the implementation of customer oriented business and ensure that our customers are satisfied with our operations and the quality of our products. We also expect our partners to commit to Pölkky’s quality and environmental principles so that they are applied in all stages of the product’s life cycle.

Basic elements of the principles

  • All our operations are based on customer orientation
  • We measure customer satisfaction and develop our operations through the feedback received
  • We monitor and measure the quality of our operations and are committed to continuously improve it
  • We monitor and measure the environmental impacts of our operations and are committed to environmental protection and working for the good of the environment
  • We follow the regulations, laws and recommendations imposed by the authorities
  • We follow the FSC and PEFC certification requirements
  • We invest in the well-being, competence and education of our employees and to the introduction of the latest technologies

The Management helps ensuring continuity

Pölkky’s Management is committed to evaluate the effectiveness of the quality management system, the fulfillment of the requirements and to continuously improve it. The Management is also responsible for ensuring that the quality and environmental principles are known through the entire organization and that the organization applies them in its own operations.