Responsibility is one of Pölkky’s key values. That’s why we are constantly striving to improve our operations and to work financially, ecologically and socially responsible. Sustainable but profitable business will secure the continuity of our operations also to future generations – like family business is supposed to.

Ecological forestry

As a company we are responsible for the well-being of both the forest and the forest owners. That’s why our carefully planned timber procurement that takes into account biodiversity is both PEFC and FSC certificated. We are also proud owners of ISO 14001 certificate. Read more about our certificates.

Our operations on behalf of sustainable forestry is goal-orientated and efficient. We analyze and improve our operations continuously, so that the biodiversity of northern forest would remain unchanged and the loss of raw material would be as small as possible during the production. Read more about our quality and environmental principles and our sustainable forestry.

Vitality to north

We bring vitality to the north by providing jobs and economic growth to Northern Finland. We also collaborate with other local service providers and support especially local agriculture and forestry entrepreneurs by purchasing timber from Lapland, Kainuu, Northern Ostrobothnia and Northern Savonia.
Trustworthy partnership and the well-being of our employees is everything to us, because our work community is like a one big family, which well-being, competence and education is invested and improved continuously. Get to know our open positions.

Well-being to the community

Northern community gives us a lot, like raw material and workforce. We want to give back to it by participating in local charity events and sponsoring northern sport clubs both in adult and junior levels. Our sponsored teams include e.g. volleyball team Pölkky Kuusamo, which plays in Finnish Women’s Volleyball League. We also support organizations from cultural sector, like Jokijärven kyläseura and the PÖLKKY-theater maintained by them.

We are also partners of Santa Claus Finland and work as official wood supplier of Santa Claus.