Invoicing Information

Invoicing Information


The Pölkky Group companies primarily accept invoices in the electronic format. E-invoicing generates cost savings for both the senders and recipients. At the same time, invoice processing becomes faster, archiving becomes easier and the environmental load from paper invoices becomes smaller.

Our operator is Tieto Oyj and transmitter code 003701011385.

The e-invoice addresses (OVT) are:

Pölkky Oy                                TE003701863887
Pölkky Metsä Kmo Oy          TE003717302814
Kitkawood Oy                         TE003722943835
Ulea Oy                                    TE003705103842
Kajaaniwood Oy                    TE003724550752
Taivalkosken Voima Oy       TE003709326680

Please always mention the buyer’s reference. Any invoices with incomplete information will be returned to the sender.

For further information you can contact accountant Sari Keränen (, tel:+358 40 555 7096).


PDF invoices

If you are unable to send us an e-invoice please send the invoice by email to the address below:

Pölkky Oy             

For the email addresses associated with other company invoices (Pölkky Metsä Kmo Oy, Kitkawood Oy etc.) you can contact

Please note that the invoice has to be in PDF format, and one email contains only one invoice (one email = one invoice).