Invoicing Information

Invoicing Information


Pölkky Oy primarily accepts invoices in the electronic format. E-invoicing generates cost savings for both the senders and recipients. At the same time, invoice processing becomes faster, archiving becomes easier and the environmental load from paper invoices becomes smaller.

Pölkky Oy’s invoicing address changed with the merger

Kajaaniwood Oy, Kitkawood Oy, Pölkky Metsä KMO Oy and Ulea Oy merged with Pölkky Oy on September 1, 2021. As a result, the merging companies ceased to exist, and invoicing addresses changed as stated below.

Pölkky Oy’s invoicing address

Pölkky Oy (FI01863887)
The e-invoice address: 003701863887
Operator: OpenText / 003708599126
Invoices by email:

Invoices must, without exception, contain name of the buyer, site subject to invoicing (Kajaani, Kitka, Kuusamo, Taivalkoski, Oulu) and cost center. In addition, the invoice must contain any additional information provided by the buyer, such as customer project number and customer order number. Any invoices with incomplete information will be returned to the sender.

Taivalkosken Voima Oy’s invoicing address stays the same

Taivalkosken Voima Oy also primarily accepts invoices in the electronic format.

Taivalkosken Voima Oy’s invoicing address

Taivalkosken Voima Oy
The e-invoice address: TE003709326680
Operator: Tieto Oyj / 003701011385
Invoices by email: 

If you do not have possibility to an electronic solution, invoices can be sent to our scanning service address:

Taivalkosken Voima Oy
PL 1455

For more information on purchase invoicing, contact Pölkky Oy’s financial administration (