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Experience the pure and pristine nature of Northern Finland

Nestled in the heart of northern Finland, amongst the towering pines, Pölkky Lumi is born. Crafted from sustainably sourced virgin pinewood, this premium animal bedding provides a luxurious and pristine environment for your livestock. With its high absorbency and extremely low dust levels, Pölkky Lumi products provide a hygienic and healthy bedding solution for your horses and other animals. Its exceptionally large spread volume, the largest in the markets, and naturally antibacterial characteristics make it the best choice for animal care.

The Pölkky Lumi Base and Shavings are the world’s first wood shavings products baled in a recyclable Kraft paper. The CO2 footprint of manufacturing a paper packaging is 50–70 % smaller than a similar plastic packaging1. The Kraft paper wrapping can be fully recycled and it thus further reduces CO2 footprint with additional 50 % compared to the plastic alternative.

Experience the pure and pristine nature of Northern Finland with Pölkky Lumi.



Lumi Shavings

The Ultimate Top Layer

Introducing Lumi Shavings, the premium
top layer solution for your animal bedding needs. Made from dust-free wood shavings, Lumi Shavings offers exceptional
absorbency and a large spread volume, making it the perfect choice for your
animals’ comfort and well-being.

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The Essential Base Layer

Meet Lumi Base, the essential base layer for your animal bedding structure. Made from finer and smaller particle wood shavings, Lumi Base provides a soft and supportive foundation for your animal’s comfort.

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Lumi Farm

The Reliable All-Round Option

For those looking for a reliable all-round option, Lumi Farm is the perfect choice. Made from a blend of smaller and larger shavings, Lumi Farm offers a balance of comfort and affordability.

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