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Pölkky – The new era
Together as one! Through a merger, Pölkky Group subsidiaries enter into a holy union whereby they continue their journey as one: Pölkky Ltd.

A unified Pölkky

The idea for ​​the merger has arisen from the need to develop the company’s administration and management, as well as to create a unified corporate culture and operating models. The preparatory work for the merger took a good while but now, in 2021, it is ready for execution. 

Pölkky Group merges into Pölkky Ltd

With the merger, the companies that made up Pölkky Group: Ulea Ltd, Kitkawood Ltd, Kajaaniwood Ltd and Pölkky Metsä Kmo Ltd, will merge into one company known as Pölkky Ltd. The concrete objectives of the merger include the clarification of the corporate structure, increasing administrative efficiency and leadership development. In addition, the merger aims to improve the company’s marketing and communications, create a more unified corporate culture, and increase employee wellbeing.

With the merger, five strong subsidiaries become one.

The merger renews and streamlines operations

We want to assure our current and future partners that the merger will not change Pölkky’s existing business operations. However, internally the effects of the merger are significant. The new Pölkky will have a unified operating model and practices, clearer instructions and communication, and a simpler management system, corporate structure, and job titles. When all the areas mentioned above become clearer, cooperation with employees becomes more efficient. 

The internal changes will indirectly affect external operations. As the operations of five different companies merge into one, there will be only one contract, one report and one invoice. This will greatly simplify the cooperation between us and our partners.

One, undivided Pölkky

Pölkky has completed several measures in 2021 to facilitate the merger. Perhaps the most visible one is the brand renewal, launched at the beginning of the year. The renewed brand emphasizes our role as the refiner of construction solutions that enhance quality of life. It also voices our will to form close partnership with forest owner and customers. 

Our new slogan, Roots for Quality Living, encapsulates the way in which we have throughout generations contributed to improved quality of living – driven by Northern strength, sustainability, and quality.

The most significant renewal measures have been internal ones, as the company’s management has been developing new, unified operating practices together with the employees. 

History impacts the present

Now, after the merger, the future prospects are looking bright. Pölkky is, after all, a rapidly developing company with potential for profitable growth.

We would not be here without the company’s colorful history and its founding father Erkki Virranniemi. We dug up the company’s history, written in honor of our 50th anniversary, and summarized the 300 pages into one timeline that makes it easy for our partners to see how the company has development from 1962 to the present day.

Erkki Virranniemi rent his first portable circular saw and started his sawmill operations.
In 1st of August 1965 Virranniemen Saha Ltd was founded in Northern Kuusamo.
The company's operation was moved to its current location and the planning and construction work of the first sawmill began. The company's name was changed to Pölkky Ltd.
Company's new production facility was initiated.
Company expanded its operations to planing.
Following Erkki Virranniemi's sudden passing, his widow, Saara Virranniemi, takes the role of Chief Executive Officer.
Fire completely destroyed the sawmill operations in April 20th 1976. The new sawmill was in operation by the end of 1977.
The first heating plant and dryer will be completed at the Kuusamo production facility.
Company faces another major disaster in August 15th 1985, when the main building of the sawmill is on fire. The building was burnt to the ground in an hour.
After the fire, the renovation of the sawmill started immediately. The new sawmill was in operation in 1986.
Saara Virranniemi handed over the role of CEO to her son, Jouko Virranniemi. Company, which grew into Pölkky Group in the same year, started pressure impregnation and finger-jointing activities in Oulu.
Pölkky Ltd purchased the Taivalkoski production facility from Enso Ltd.
The new hewsaw line started up in Taivalkoski. Pölkky Ltd was awarded with national business award in recognition of the company's achievements.
Pölkky was the first Finnish sawmill that was granted an international PEFC-certificate.
Biofuel heating plant completed at Kuusamo and the reform of dimension sorting facility at Taivalkoski began.
Pölkky purchased the operations of Lappipaneli Ltd from the Ruukki Group and made drying kiln investments in Kuusamo. Pölkky is awarded as the trainer of the year.
Power plant investment of Taivalkosken Voima Ltd.
Pölkky purchased Kajaani production facility from UPM. New glulam beam plant was launched in Kuusamo.
Pölkky was awarded as the most active employee trainer of the year in the Oulu Chamber of Commerce.
Pölkky invested in Xray scanners for logs in all four sawmills. Company signed letter of intent for new Trimble ConnectedForest wood procurement system.
Responsibility for running the company was passed to the third generation. Petteri Virranniemi started as CEO.
Pölkky was awarded as the most active employee trainer of the year in the Oulu Chamber of Commerce for the second time.
Pölky is awarded with international FSC certificate.
Pölkky Group merges into Pölkky Ltd. As part of building a unified, one Pölkky, we also renewed our brand. Our new slogan is Pölkky – Roots for Quality Living.

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