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Pölkky Oy Privacy Policy

General Information

In this Privacy Policy, we describe how Pölkky Oy (hereinafter referred to as “Pölkky” or “us”) processes, uses, collects and protects your personal data. We are committed to respecting your privacy and the protection of your personal data. For all processing of personal data, we comply with the legislation applicable to our activities in Finland and the EU, as well as the guidelines and regulations adopted by the authorities.

In this Privacy Policy, “personal data” refers to any information on which a person can be directly or indirectly identified. This Privacy Policy applies to all situations of processing personal data in which you have provided your personal data to us, regardless of whether you are in the role of an individual or a representative of the company. These situations include the processing of personal data when using the services and products provided by Pölkky, in your role as a customer or potential customer of our company, when using our website, acting as our partner, such as a subcontractor or a woodland owner, and in recruitment situations.

We will monitor legislative developments and, if necessary, update this Privacy Policy as our operations and services develop. An up-to-date version of this Privacy Policy is available on this website. If there is a conflict between translations, the Finnish version shall prevail.

Data Controller and contact information

Pölkky Oy
Business ID: 0186388-7
Kemijärventie 73, 93600 Kuusamo, Finland
+358 20 764 0200

Contact person for the Data Controller

Tuomas Virranniemi, CIO

How we collect personal data

Mainly we collect personal data directly from you yourself. In this case, the personal data is collected when you do business with us, visit our website, purchase, or order our products or services from us, or, as a partner, you provide us with the necessary information to enable our cooperation. In addition, we may collect personal data from you when you contact us, for example, by phone, email or by filling out a contact request form on our website or subscribe to our newsletter. In order to ensure the safety of our operating and production facilities, we may also carry out camera surveillance, where personal data may be stored. 

We may also collect personal data from public sources such as the registers of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and, in wood procurement, via metsa.fi website.

For what purposes we collect your personal data

We collect and process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • For customer service and customer relationship management, communication with our current and potential customers, and for conducting customer satisfaction surveys
  • For cooperation with woodland owners
  • For recruitment purposes and the performance of employer obligations
  • To ensure and develop website functionality
  • For purposes related to our products and services, such as the development, provision, performance and marketing of products and services
  • For the management and communication with cooperation partners
  • In relation to stakeholder communications, such as sending of newsletters, electronic announcements, and direct marketing
  • To ensure the safety of our operating and production facilities, to monitor production processes, and to prevent and resolve criminal, misconduct, or injury situations with surveillance systems such as camera surveillance

What personal data we collect about you

Customer relationship, potential customers

When we process personal data for the purposes of customer relationship and potential customer relationship, such data includes:

  • your credentials (name, email address, phone number and work assignment in the company you represent)
  • other identification information, such as Business ID
  • customer-related information, such as customer number, billing and payment information, order and purchase history of our services and products, open receivables, and any collection activities
  • consent to digital marketing
  • recordings related to customer service situations, such as call recordings
  • your communication with customer service, e.g., via email or social media
  • information collected at the time of registration for events, competitions and prize draws we organize

When you sell us timber, we process personal data for your identification and to the extent required by our cooperation. The personal data being processed are:

  • credentials (name, address, telephone number, email address), bank account information, powers of attorney and other authorizations
  • information about seller´s forest property, such as real property unit identification number, easements, ownership, and possession as well as planning and forest resource information
  • other identifying information, such as the Business ID, and as regards individuals, we process the social security number for reporting with the authorities

For the purposes of recruitment and human resources, we only process personal data which is necessary for that purpose. Such information includes, for example:

  • credentials (name, address, phone number, email address and social security number)
  • job applications for employees and applicants, CVs, essential information relating to education, competence, certification and work history, and the results of any personal assessment
  • to the extent required for salary payment, bank account information
  • communication (to the extent necessary)
  • essential information relating to absence due to sickness regulated by law

For our partners (such as subcontractors, logistics partners, IT partners and other stakeholders), we typically process the following personal data of corporate representatives:

  • credentials (name, email address, phone number and job assignment in the company you represent)
  • communication with our partner, such as meeting memos and customer letters

Identifiable persons may appear on camera surveillance recordings. The following data is processed in the recordings:

  • persons moving in the surveillance area of cameras, date, and time

To whom we disclose or transfer your personal data

In principle, we do not disclose your personal data to third parties. However, we use technical and marketing partners to whom we may disclose the personal data necessary for those purposes. In addition, we use a partner in the distribution of personnel benefits. For the purposes described above, the processing of personal data is subject to a separate processing agreement as required by data protection laws, and these partners may only process personal data in accordance with the agreement and within the limits specified by Pölkky. As a payment processing provider and payment service provider, we use a partner which cooperates with Finnish banks and credit institutions. For this purpose, we transfer to our partner only necessary contact and billing information. In addition, within the limits regulated by law, we disclose essential information to our occupational health care partner.

Where legislation or regulatory obligations require disclosure, we will assess the transfer of data on a case-by-case basis. In addition, we may disclose personal data to the authorities when required by law. We only store personal data within the EU or the EEA.

How long we store your personal data 

We will keep your personal data only as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purposes defined in this Privacy Policy and under the applicable legislation. The data retention times vary significantly based on the purpose for which your personal data has been processed.

After the end of the customer or cooperation relationship, your personal data may be stored for as long as necessary due to the original processing purpose and taking into account the obligations of accounting and other legislation.

We store camera surveillance recordings for up to 1 year from the moment of recording.

The retention time of personal data processed for recruitment purposes is determined by applicable legislation.

In certain situations (e.g. responding to a legal claim), it is also necessary to store personal data after the end of a customer or cooperation relationship.

You may contact us to have more information on data retention times for different processing purposes.

How we protect your personal data

We process your personal data with due care and the data processed through information systems is properly protected. We use various technical and organizational means to ensure the safe processing of personal data. We restrict our staff access to personal data with permissions based on different roles, and only the authorized personnel defined by us have access to personal data and only for purposes related to their work.

Your rights

Every data subject who provided his/her data has the right to verify the personal data stored on him/her at any time. If you find incorrect information, you have the right to request us to correct inaccurate or incorrect personal data. You may also request us to erase personal data about you or request restriction of processing in circumstances and by grounds described in law.

You also have the right to prohibit the disclosure and processing of your personal data for direct advertising and other marketing purposes. If the processing of your personal data is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. To cancel direct marketing messages and newsletters, you can do directly from the cancellation link found in the electronic marketing message.

If you feel that we have not complied with the data protection laws applicable to the processing of your personal data, we ask you to contact us in the first place to be able to clarify this matter with you. You also have the right to file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority (Finnish Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman).

Requests for verification or exercise of other data subject rights should be sent in writing to Pölkky Oy at dataprivacy@polkky.fi. We may ask you to prove your identity and, if necessary, ask you for additional information to fulfil this kind of requests. 


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