Glulam is a long-lasting solution

Glue laminated wood

Polkky product family, manufactured from solid, densely-grained pine and spruce timbers, contains a wide range of different laminated wood products for the log home industry and construction. Polkky laminated wood (glulam) has excellent strength values which makes laminated wood a long-lasting solution.

The products comprise two or more pieces glued together either vertically or horizontally in accordance with the customer’s demands. The glue used is chosen to suit the customers end product. The products are also available with a planed profile, or, if necessary, pressure treated.

The timber of the North grows slowly under very demanding conditions, which makes it an excellent raw material for building purposes. Polkky glulam is manufactured using densely-grained, strong pine and spruce timbers. Our products meet the highest standards and customer-specific quality demands.

The high-quality and reliable delivery of the glulam gives the customer a significant advantage. Polkky laminated wood is the perfect choice for load-bearing structured buildings because of its high-quality and features. With the right treatment, laminated wood can provide low maintenance solutions. Glulam is also very fire resistant and performs well in fire.

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