Excellent durability and minimal splitting

Laminated beams

Laminated beams are industrially manufactured products made of two or three planks or pieces of timber glued together by their flat side with the fibers running parallel. Laminated beams are your choice, when you need excellent durability and minimal splitting. Due to high stability, optimal strength values and planed surface, our laminated beams are easy to work with. Laminated beams are excellent choice for load-bearing structured buildings as well as for terrace and courtyard

We offer a variety of lengths and heights to meet the needs and demands of our customers. Pölkky laminated beams are made of northern spruce and pine.

The laminated beams can also be glued so as to ensure that the visually more attractive side of the log faces outward. We select the right glue to suit your end product. Our product range includes impregnated glulam posts also.

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