For the well-being of you and your livestock

Wood shavings

Pölkky wood shavings are made for the well-being of you and your livestock. Your animal spends a lot of time indoors. Therefor it is important that the ground covering you use is clean and of uniform quality. With Pölkky wood shavings the inside air is left healthier – for animals as well as for us humans!

Pölkky wood shavings are also suitable for small pets. The product is made using only kiln dried pine and spruce shavings from sawn timber. It is a soft, nice and warm bedding for rodents and reptiles.

Our wood shavings provide a soft and pleasantly warm ground covering for animal shelters. It is also a safe choice, as studies show that the sanitary quality of the material is excellent. The wood shavings are carefully sifted in order to maintain uniform quality.  The raw material used is artificially dried wood shavings, which are virtually dust-free and have the capacity to absorb more than twice their own weight in liquids. Harmful respiratory microbes to both human and equine are not included, the spore concentration is very small. The material is also well-suited for composting.

Animal bedding

Pölkky bedding for horses, cows and other farm animals is an almost dust free option for your animal’s needs. Animal bedding is made only using kiln dried pine and spruce shavings from sawn timber. Studies have found it to be very safe for both humans and animals since it produces three times less dust.

Animal bedding is 100 % natural product made in Finland. It is possible to absorb over two times its own weight in liquid making it very hygienic. Pölkky’s products provide soft, sanitary and warm covering for your stables and animal shelters.

POLKKYfarm-woodshavings are provided in packaging of 20 kg, and sold by our retailers in Finland.

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