High-quality logs made of strong pine and spruce

Log house

Northern wood is an ideal raw material for log houses. The materials are delivered dried. Our most popular sizes are found in product cards. Our high-quality logs are made of strong pine and spruce.

Laminated logs

Laminated logs are an excellent solution when you need strong and stable material which can stand time and different weather conditions. Pölkky laminated logs are known for straightness and consistency so you do not have to worry about splitting or twisting. We select the right glue to suit your end product.

In laminated logs, the heartwood is always on the outer surface of the log, which minimises warpage or other shape alterations in the log. The weather-durability of the logs is excellent and the surface retains its beautiful appearance for decades. Our wide range of laminated logs provides customers with a variety of suitable choices or the option of ordering a tailored solution.

Pölkky laminated logs are manufactured from strong pine or spruce timbers from the North, which makes them warm and breathing building material. Wood naturally has the ability to bind and expel moisture while retaining its thermal insulation properties. Wood is the only building material that fulfils the criteria for sustainable development. That is why it is the material of choice for many builders.

Non-settling logs (X-log)

 It is characteristic for a log house to settle over the first years after assembling and this factor has to be noted during the designing and building the house. To prevent the settling and pleasing the most demanding eye, Pölkky has created a modern timber product for log building.

X-logs are non-settling logs made with special solutions to minimize the effects of settling. The method makes log structures more stable and durable. Using the unsettling logs permits the use of wide-range of architectural solutions which makes designing your dreamhouse easier and faster.

Pölkky X-logs are fast to assemble and can be easily combined with different materials such as glass. High-quality non-settling logs are made of spruce and pine.


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