Sustainable forestry and environmental responsibility

Sustainable forestry

Carefully planned timber procurement that takes into account biodiversity, combined with a reduction in the environmental impact of the production facilities, is economical for business as well as beneficial for the environment. We continually evaluate the environmental impact of and risks inherent in our operations and we develop our procedures accordingly. Our principle involves taking the environment into consideration in all phases of production.

The aim of wood procurement is to acquire raw materials for the mills, while also promoting ecologically, economically, socially and culturally sustainable forestry within our area of operations.

Goal-oriented activities

We continuously develop our operations in order to always ensure the most efficient use of our raw materials. This enables us to further reduce the environmental burden created by logging, milling, further processing and transport. We constantly examine the impact of our operations.

In terms of heat production, for example, we are completely self-sufficient. Earlier, a portion of the burnable raw materials was simply considered waste for lack of any constructive use, while a portion was sorted and transported to larger external power stations. Today, the bark, sawdust, wood shavings and created as by-products of milling are utilised efficiently by our own biofuel heating plants.

Controlled burning advances biodiversity

Pölkky also contributes to the managed burning of retention tree groups as a method of facilitating biodiversity together with the forest owners. Prescribed burning maintains and advances the well-being of the species dependent in the forest. Also the amount of decayed wood increases after the burning. As a PEFC certified company, Pölkky is committed to advance biodiversity.

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